About the Program

Program Structure

Baylor University’s Washington Semester Program is a semester-long academic program, offered each Fall and Spring, for top Baylor undergraduate students. Living and learning together in the nation’s capital, program participants engage with the full breadth and depth of Baylor’s network and resources in DC, along with many enriching experiences only found in Washington.

Credits and Coursework

The Internship - 6 Credit Hours

PSC 3692 - Baylor in Washington Semester Internship (exclusively offered through this program)

  • Each semester program student will work in an internship in Washington, D.C. within the field of their choice. The program structure allows students to work nearly full-time in their internship, which increases their chances of securing some of the most competitive internships.
  • Most students will earn this credit with PSC 3692, but other options exist for students in need of credit elsewhere (ex. Business, Journalism/News, Public Relations, etc.). Please contact Mollie Moore (Mollie_Moore1@baylor.edu) with any questions about alternative internship course listings.

The Course - 3 Credit Hours

"Public Policy Innovation for the Common Good"

Course Listing Options: PPS 3301 or PSC/REL/PHI 3339 

  • This team-taught course will examine the role of public and private actors in the making and implementation of public policies directed to address complex problems. There will be a special focus on the collaborative efforts of government and nonprofit entities--including faith-based organizations--as they seek solutions that contribute to the public good. Each semester, the faculty members will select three new complex problems to explore in detail.
    • Fall 2021 Course Topics: 1) Environmental Science 2) Family and Population 3) Ethics of Social Media/Big Data
    • Spring 2022 Course Topics: 1) American Diplomacy 2) Theology and Philosophy of Work 3) Technology and Warfare
  • This course is only offered as part of the Baylor in Washington Semester Program and will feature many experts who live and work in Washington.
  • This course may be contracted to meet Honors Program requirements.

The Research - 3 Credit Hours

PSC 4390 - Baylor in Washington Research Project

  • Each semester program student will complete an independent research project on a topic of their choice during their time in Washington. Not only will students have access to Washington's wealth of resources to aid in their work, but upon completion of the project, each student will have produced a high-quality writing sample to be used for future applications to law school, graduate school, or for employment.
  • Students who must complete an undergraduate thesis may earn thesis credit for research completed in this program.
    Students Seeking a Political Science Minor:

Students interested in pursuing a Political Science minor should note that participating in the Washington Semester Program can provide 12 of the 18 requisite credits towards receiving a minor on your transcript.

An Average Week in the Washington Semester Program:

Program Dates

These dates are subject to change, please do not make firm travel plans to D.C. without checking with our team. 

Spring 2022

  • Move-In: January 6th-9th
  • Orientation Week (Mandatory): January 10th-14th
  • Earliest Possible Internship Start Date: January 18th
  • Program End Date: May 6th
  • Move-Out: December May 7th-8th

Fall 2022

  • Move-In: August 18th-21st
  • Orientation Week (Mandatory): August 22nd-26th 
  • Earliest Possible Internship Start Date: August 29th
  • Program End Date: December 9th
  • Move-Out: December 10th-11th

Baylor in Washington

700 K St. NW, Ste. 300
Washington, D.C. 20001

(202) 870-9978