Mayborn Scholarship

The Frank W. Mayborn Scholarship is awarded to a handful of Baylor students each summer to assist them financially with their summer internship experience in Washington, D.C. The scholarship offers $1000 to help with travel/housing and covers summer tuition, allowing students to receive Baylor course credit for their internship through the Washington Internship Course. The application deadline for Summer 2022 is February 28th.

Click HERE to complete our Summer Internship Indication of Interest Form, which will serve as the application for the Mayborn Scholarship. 

Students interested in the program may also contact the Mayborn faculty advisor, Dr. Pat Flavin (

Past Frank W. Mayborn Scholars

Claire Nevill

Claire Nevill

My name is Claire Nevill and I am from Flower Mound, Texas! I am a senior majoring in International Studies and minoring in Business Administration through the Honors Program.

This summer, I interned with Senator Cruz’s D.C. office and loved getting to learn more about the work being done on behalf of Texans! Senator Cruz was first elected in 2013 and currently serves on the Committee on Foreign Relations, Judiciary, Rules & Administration, along with the Joint Economic Committee and the Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation.

Throughout my internship, the other interns and I were put in charge of speaking with constituents via phone calls, delegating constituent requests to staff in the office, and helping the Domestic Policy and National Security teams with research on a wide range of policy issues. One of my favorite projects this summer was assisting the Senator’s National Security team with research on the protests that happened this past summer in Cuba. It was also an honor to help fulfill constituent flag requests throughout the summer; this was a great chance to tangibly serve the people of Texas!

My expectations were truly exceeded throughout this whole summer! Living and working in Capitol Hill was incredible and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about what goes on behind the scenes in the Legislative Branch. The Baylor alumni network in D.C. was the cherry on top of an already great experience; I loved meeting Baylor grads on the Hill and at networking events! Oftentimes, I’d even run into a Baylor grad while walking around the neighborhoods that surround the Capitol. Aside from the community, interning in D.C. and meeting with professionals on the Hill clarified how I can best prepare myself for post-grad opportunities that I hope will be centered around public service and policy.

The Mayborn Scholarship provided me with the financial support that I needed to get to D.C. this summer, while also connecting me to a great mentor and connections within the strong Baylor community that exists in D.C. I am so thankful for the Mayborn Scholarship and can’t wait to see the future cohorts that will continue to represent Baylor well in our nation’s capital!

Lauren Jarvis

Lauren Jarvis

My name is Lauren Jarvis, and I am a Junior University Scholar from Boerne, Texas. I am studying Economics, Political Science, and International Studies with particular interests in democratization, refugees, and international development.

This summer I interned with the United Nations Information Center (UNIC). Working for the UN humanized its complex structures of negotiation and international law, and I left with a deeper appreciation for its work toward the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The UNIC in DC is the primary UN body responsible for connecting the US government with the UN through maintaining relationships with US officials, sharing information with US counterparts, and hosting UN envoys visiting Washington DC. I attended US Congressional and think-tank hearings and collected information on US foreign affairs strategy to update the UN. I also had the special privilege of organizing a seminar series with all UN-DC interns to talk with senior UN officials from organizations including UNDP, UNHCR, and WHO. 

One of the highlights of the summer was the broad network of UN officials I was able to personally talk with. The first words I heard from every UN member was “welcome to the UN family,” and each person was eager to provide me with guidance toward my future. As a result, my long-term career and foreign policy interests have become more refined.

I am grateful for the Mayborn Scholarship for making my summer internship experience possible. The funds gave me the opportunity to experience the interconnection between international organizations and the US government in a first-hand way, and the Baylor community provided invaluable support as I navigated the internship process. I am excited for what is to come and am thankful for the experience this summer offered.

Savannah O'Leary

Savannah O'Leary

My name is Savannah O'Leary, and I am from Wylie, Texas. I am currently a junior studying Political Science, and I have two minors in Criminal Justice and Public relations. This summer, I had the honor of interning for Congressman Pete Sessions. Congressman Sessions serves Texas's 17th district, which includes the city of Waco. Congressman Sessions has served in the House for eleven terms and thus has extensive knowledge on constituent concerns.

As a Congressional intern, I was there to fill in the gaps of professional staff members. The tasks varied day to day, but I consistently spent time answering phones, logging constituent messages, delivering mail around the Capitol, and helping with legislative research. Each day was a learning experience, but my intellect was especially pushed in my researching skills. It was truly rewarding to work on research regarding immigration, abortion, military concerns, and even Britney Spears!

Working in a Congressional office at time consists of simple, routine tasks, but the wonderful people I met made each day an adventure. Congressman Sessions has the largest intern class within the House of Representatives, and I was blessed to be able to explore and learn in D.C. alongside them. I met many well-known figures in politics, including AOC, Ted Cruz, and Bernie Sanders. On my very first day, I ate lunch in the cafeteria only a table away from the Texas Democrats who had fled the state to block voting on a bill.

As a Political Science major, I have always dreamed of seeing how the government works up close and personal in the Capitol. Due to financial reasons, I never thought this would have been possible. Living in DC, especially with an unpaid internship, is difficult for anyone. However, the Mayborn scholarship gifted me with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. After spending the previous summer in lockdown due to COVID-19, I was even more grateful to be given this opportunity. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in DC, thanks to the Mayborn scholarship.

Caelan Elliot

Drew Mackenzie Portrait

My name is Caelan Elliott and I am a senior University Scholars major from Austin, Texas concentrating in literature, political science, and piano performance. I will graduate in May of 2022. This summer as a Mayborn Scholar, I had the privilege of interning as a journalist for the American Spectator, a news publication based near Washington, D.C., where I was responsible for writing three to four journalistic pieces per week on national and international news topics of interest to our audience. While this quota seemed daunting to me at the beginning of the summer, by the end of the summer it became easy to not only write the articles in the correct format but also to find my own sources, conduct interviews, integrate original quotes, and cover events or protests that I happened upon while walking around D.C.

It was exciting to see my name with published pieces ranging from the newly reopening jazz scene in D.C. to China flying planes into Taiwan airspace; from Biden quoting an Irish poet to Governor Greg Abbott’s efforts to secure the Texas-Mexico border. During the internship I grew immensely in both my writing and interpersonal skills, which will translate well to my future professional endeavors. It was also incredible to be able to eagerly seize all that D.C. has to offer—experiences like visiting museums with other Baylor students and alumni, walking around the brightly lit marble monuments at night, and trying Ethiopian food for the first time made the summer an unforgettable adventure.

I was so blessed to have the support of the Mayborn Scholarship as I interned and received course credit in political science. The scholarship helped cover my flight and housing expenses in D.C., a city where many interns receive no compensation at all. I plan to pursue graduate studies in English literature, and the experience living and working in the nation’s capitol grew me academically, personally, and professionally in ways that extend far beyond my resume—it opened my eyes to complex political issues of our time, helped me learn to navigate challenges in the workplace with maturity and grace, and taught me so much about who I am. Interning in D.C. was one of the best experiences of my undergraduate education and I could not recommend it more highly. 

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