Baylor in Washington Alumni Testimonials

Aldrin Ballesteros

Graduation: May 2020

Program Semester: Fall 2018

Major: Political Science

Internship: House Democratic Caucus

“The Baylor in Washington Program was a life changing experience, professionally and personally. The program and my internship pushed me to challenge myself in ways I had not done so before. The people I met and the work I performed during the program were crucial in placing me where I am today.”

Grant Vargo-Willeford

Graduation: expected May 2022

Program Semester: Spring 2020

Major: English

Internship: Finance Office, AMIDEAST

“My time in Washington gave me the opportunity to gain real work experience, explore my career options, and build a network of invaluable connections. Beyond my busy work schedule, I still found time to explore the intricacies of a wonderful city that I hope to one day call home.”

Lawson Sadler

Graduation: May 2020

Major: University Scholars (Concentrations in Political Science, Latin American Studies, and Spanish)

Program Semester: Fall 2019

Internship: External Affairs, Center for American Progress

"The Baylor in Washington Semester Program and my internship at Center for American Progress gave me professional and political experience rarely available to undergraduate students. The guidance from mentors, colleagues, and friends I met through my BIW semester has been invaluable as I take new steps towards a career in policy and advocacy."

Youshay Rizvi 

Graduation: May 2019

Major: International Studies

Program Semester: Spring 2019

Internship: Department of Justice - Office of International Affairs

"During my semester in Washington, I gained invaluable experience and knowledge from the program itself and my internship. The semester program helped me improve my resume, my professional skill set, and my character overall."

Rory Pitts

Graduation: May 2020

Major: Political Science

Program Semester: Spring 2019

Internship: U.S. Helsinki Commission

The Baylor in Washington Program was the most impactful, illuminating, and challenging part of my broader Baylor experience. This program sanctioned incredible growth in my writing, research, and communications skills, while also allowing me to form priceless relationships with coworkers, mentors, and friends.

Collin Slowey

Graduation: May 2020

Major: University Scholar

Program Semester: Spring 2019

Internship: Center for Public Justice

“Baylor in Washington was a highlight of my student experience. My semester in Washington connected me with an expansive professional network that has opened doors I never thought possible before participating."

Katherine Terminella

Graduation: Summer 2020

Major: Political Science

Program Semester: Fall 2018

Internship: Susan B. Anthony List

"Through the Baylor in Washington program, I was able to gain valuable work experience while creating lifelong connections and friendships with fellow students and alumni. I look back at my time in Washington with gratitude for such an incredible opportunity that gave me the skills needed to pursue my future career."

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