About Us

Baylor in Washington forms leaders and citizens to live out their Christian convictions through public service, wherever they are.

What We Do

We bring Baylor students to Washington, DC, for internships and coursework

We bring Baylor research to our nation's capital

We model charitable discourse by staging public conversations across political, ideological, and theological divides

We provide ongoing educational opportunities for our alumni, partners, and friends.

About Baylor in Washington

As Baylor’s outpost in Washington, we are committed to the same vision of human flourishing and faith that inspired our founders. Human flourishing requires a sense of civic virtue, responsibility, and a commitment to moral action. But it also requires cultivating a virtuous character that is informed by the Christian faith, and the maintenance of a social and political environment in which those virtues can be supported and practiced.

Today, anxieties are high about whether the social infrastructures that support human flourishing will endure. Our political community is increasingly fractured, while fundamental freedoms have eroded in many places around the globe. Many people feel increasingly alienated from their government—while others have felt that way for a long time. These challenges raise fundamental questions about how we can be a common people, with a common end and a common good.

We need leaders who are equipped with the character, wisdom, courage and humility to address these challenges. We are committed through our seminars, our mentorship programs, and our internship opportunities to form future leaders to be upstanding citizens in difficult times. 

We all deserve the opportunity to fulfill our God-given potential.  We all deserve a chance to flourish. At Baylor in Washington, we know we have an unparalleled opportunity to help participate in the renewal of American life—and we feel the responsibility to improve the systems and institutions that should be contributing to human flourishing. With God’s help, we will play a part in the rediscovery of a common life in America. Join us, and let’s play that part together. 


Baylor in Washington

700 K St. NW, Ste. 300
Washington, D.C. 20001

(202) 870-9978