Capitol Hill

Opportunities are ordered by nearest application deadline. Each internship and fellowship name is linked to the appropriate application page. Check back often for new opportunities!

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Last page update: October 29, 2018

Congressional Internships in Washington, D.C.

  • Summer 2018 Application Deadline: Varies by office

  • Full and Part Time Positions Available

  • Most are unpaid

Typically, Congressional Offices will give preference to internship candidates from their State (Senate) or District (House).

To apply to an internship in a Congressional Office, the best place to find the application is on the Member's website. Click here to figure out who represents your home state and district in Congress. Once you have found your Members, search "[Member Name] Washington DC Internship" on Google to find the application page. You should also check The House Vacancy Announcement and Placement Service website and The Senate Employment Bulletin for additional postings.

Additionally, Baylor students receive preference with the offices of Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz as well as with the office of Congressman Bill Flores (TX-17).

Students are also highly encouraged to apply to internships in offices outside of those detailed above and should not feel limited to their home offices or those from Texas. Many, many Baylor students have been accepted as interns in offices outside of those parameters!

Congressional Committee Internships

  • Spring and Summer 2019 Application Deadline: Varies by committee

  • Full and Part Time Positions Available

  • Most are Unpaid

Another great place to intern on Capitol Hill is with a committee. Please see the list below for several options. If you do not see your desired committee listed, consider checking the Member websites for the committee Chair and Ranking Member, as some committees place interns through these offices.

Senate Committees

House Committees

Joint Committees

Caucuses and Conferences

Caucuses and Conferences in the United States Congress are groups of Members that meet and work together to pursue common leglislative goals. Additional opportunites will be added to this list once they are discovered and posted, but students are highly encouraged to do independent research to locate internships with Caucuses and Conferences that offer them.

Foundations and Institutes

  • Spring and Summer 2019 Application Deadline: Varies by office

  • Full and Part Time Positions Available

  • Many are Paid

Congressional Foundations and Institutes are often non-profit support organizations that maintain close relationships with various caucuses and conferences in Congress or to the institution itself. Several of these organizations place interns in Congressional offices associated with their respective caucus or conferences.