Internship Opportunities

Washington, D.C. is home to thousands of internship and fellowship opportunities within virtually every professional field. The resources provided here are available to you to assist with your internship and/or fellowship search, and are in no way intended to be exhaustive. You are welcome and highly encouraged to search beyond these resources to find the best program for your professional aspirations.

The Competitive Internship and Fellowship Opportunities page is a resource that lists some of the top internship and fellowship opportunities in Washington, D.C. Please do not let the classification of "highly-competitive" for an internship/fellowship discourage you from applying. Rather, allow the designation to reinforce the importance of paying special attention to the details of your application and motivate you to strengthen your résumé to increase your chances with these sites. Oftentimes, talented students miss out on life-changing opportunities simply because they do not realize they exist. This page is intended to help inform Baylor students of such opportunities.

The Recent Internship Sites page features a list of offices where Baylor students have successfully secured internships within the last five years. This list is updated to reflect new internship locations where Baylor interns have served. You may notice that some of the offices listed on this page are also listed on the Competitive Internship and Fellowship page - let this be an encouragement to you that securing top internships is well within your reach.

The Internship Search Engines and Databases page provides links to additional internship and fellowship search resources to further assist you in finding the best program for you.

Students are highly encouraged to schedule a meeting with Grant Jones, the Baylor in Washington Program Coordinator, for advising on your internship search, finding housing in Washington, earning course credit, and exploring funding options. Please email to schedule an appointment.