Washington, D.C. Summer Internship Experience Scholarship


The Washington, D.C. Summer Internship Experience Scholarship is an award of $4,000 given to select high-achieving students with demonstrated financial need to help defray costs associated with travel, housing, and living expenses during their summer internship experience in Washington, D.C.

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Application Process

Candidates must submit the following materials via email to Grant_Jones2@baylor.edu by 11:59PM on Thursday, March 7, 2019. Completion of the Summer Internship Indication of Interest Form does NOT make you automatically eligible for this scholarship; you must submit all of the following materials as requested.

  • Resume
  • Degree Audit
  • Details regarding your Secured Internship Site or List of Internships for which you have/plan to apply
  • Letter of Recommendation (must be emailed directly to Grant Jones from the recommender)
  • A statement of 250-500 words in length that explains your personal motivation for pursuing an internship experience in Washington, D.C. and how it will advance your vocational aspirations

Applications will be immediately reviewed and finalists will be notified by Friday, March 8th to schedule an interview for the following week.

Award recipients will be notified no later than Thursday, March 21st that they have been selected.

Note: This award is only open to Baylor University undergraduate students.

Ideal Candidate Profile

Candidates with strong academic success, committed extracurricular involvement, and demonstrated financial need who have not received financial support from Baylor for past summer internship experiences in Washington, D.C. will receive strong consideration. However, this profile is not exclusive and may not reflect the exact profile of each award recipient.

Fine Print

Students do not have to secure an internship before applying for or being chosen to receive this scholarship, however, disbursement of the scholarship award is contingent upon recipients securing an internship(s) that will keep them in Washington, D.C. for at least 5 weeks of the summer. Recipients who are unable to secure an internship of at least that length will not receive the scholarship funds. Additionally, award recipients who secure an internship that covers housing expenses for the majority or entirety of their time in Washington, D.C. will forfeit the scholarship award. Forfeited scholarship funds may be awarded to other finalists as deemed possible and appropriate. Disbursement of scholarship funds is contingent upon the delivery of proof of the recipient’s acceptance of an internship offer that includes details about any form of compensation the candidate will receive during their internship.