Semester in Washington

Capitol/Pat Neff

The Baylor in Washington Semester Program provides students with a unique experiential learning and professional development opportunity. Through internship service, academic rigor, and thoughtful research, Semester Program students will enjoy and profit from this unique opportunity to experience Washington, D.C. in community with other Baylor students.

Program Structure

The Internship
  • Each Semester Program student will work in an internship in Washington, D.C. within the field of their choice. The program structure allows students to work nearly full-time in their internship, which increases their chances of securing some of the most competitive internships.
The Courses
  • 6 credit hours: Two courses will be taught by adjunct faculty who live and work in Washington, D.C., giving students access to world-class scholars and thought leaders from whom they would otherwise be unable to learn. Specific courses will be announced prior to each semester.

    Fall 2018 Courses (Spring 2019 Courses to be announced soon):

    PSC 3340 - Campaigns and Elections

    This course will examine how parties, interest groups, and individuals impact political campaigns and elections in the United States. Class readings and assignments will cover theories, history, and current events. We will create simulations and predictions for the 2018 midterm election, and meet guest speakers who have worked in politics and political campaigns.

    PPS 3301 - Public Policy Innovation and the Common Good

    This team-taught course will examine the role of public policy innovation in civil society in developing and implementing private and public solutions to wicked problems. Special focus on the collaboration between government and non-profit entities working collaboratively to seek solutions that contribute to the public good. This course is only offered as part of the Baylor in Washington Semester Program.
  • 3 credit hours: Semester Program Students will earn course credit for their internship during their time in Washington. Many will earn credit with the PSC 3392 (Washington Internship) course, but several other options exist for students in need of another course offering, including:
    • JOU 3391 (News Internship)
    • JOU 3395 (Public Relations Internship)
    • BUS 4395 (Internship in Business)
  • 3 credit hours: Semester Program Students will earn course credit for completing an independent research project on a topic of their choice. See immediately below for further details.
The Research
  • Each Semester Program student will complete an independent research project on a topic of their choice during their time in Washington, for which they will earn 3 credit hours through PSC 4390. Not only will students have access to Washington's wealth of resources to aid in their work, but upon completion of the project, each student will have produced a high-quality writing sample to be used for future applications to law school, graduate school, or for employment.
  • Students who must complete an undergraduate thesis may earn thesis credit for research completed in this program.