Baylor in Washington seeks to provide a national platform for Baylor scholars and other thought leaders in an effort to address many of the most pressing concerns in American life. These conversations have covered dozens of issues including: hunger and poverty, religious freedom and pluralism, the purpose of the university, law enforcement and violent crime, the dignity of immigrant populations in America, and charitable disagreement in American public life

As part of the Robert P. George Initiative on Faith, Ethics & Public Policy, Baylor in Washington holds regular events in Washington, D.C. featuring Dr. George in coversation with world-renowned religious and thought leaders on pressing contemporary issues and historical reflections.

In addition to our collaborations through the Robert P. George Initiative, Baylor in Washington has hosted many conversations in partnership with strategic partners, such as Baylor's Institute for Studies of Religion, The Trinity Forum, Faith & Law, the Religious Freedom Institute, the Museum of the Bible, The Catholic University of America, and many other organizations who share our commitment to rigorous public discourse.

*For more information about event partnerships with Baylor in Washington, please contact Mollie Moore (