Waco's Cultural Wealth

Waco's Cultural Wealth


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Waco is home to a number of cultural businesses and landmarks reflective of the diversity found throughout the city. Each of the sites listed throughout this experience highlights the cultural wealth present throughout our city.

  1. Begin at Bertha’s Bakery for breakfast, we recommend a fresh pastry or bowl of Menudo! Located at 2418 Grim, Bertha's Bakery is one of many businesses you will find along Waco’s North 25th Street corridor, a hotspot for Hispanic businesses.
  2. Next, head to La Salle Avenue in South Waco to experience the vast community efforts that originated at the Waco Mutualista Hall. Founded in 1924, the Mutualista Hall continues to support the community through scholarship campaigns, toy drives, and other activities. While their focus remains on the Mexican American and Hispanic communities, their impact is felt through all of Waco.
  3. Before leaving the La Salle Corridor,  drive past Treasure City Flea Market. Established in 1946 as the Circle Drive-In, the locale now welcomes customers each weekend looking for great deals. The drive-in was one of the largest in the Waco area until closing in 1982. 
  4. Afterward, head to Waco Cha at 1001 Franklin Avenue, for a mid-trip pick-me-up. This newly opened brick and mortar has served as a food truck with a focus on promoting Communi-tea since 2018.
  5. Continue down Franklin Avenue, across the Brazos River into East Waco, and travel along Elm Avenue. This historical corridor is known as much for its future developments as its history as a business center. Visit Marilyn’s Gift Gallery, longstanding pillar in the East Waco community and go-to store for gifts, jewelry, hats, African attire and so much more!
  6. Outside, look across Elm Avenue at the local library, you’ll see firsthand how this community is Sharing the Legacy through a mural depicting the story of East Waco. Murals are designed to tell stories--on your way to the next stop, discuss what you would include in a mural representing your own neighborhood. (When you get home, draw, sketch or paint your design!)
  7. Continue down Elm to the corner of Garrison Avenue for the last stop on the tour, Quinn Campus, the former home of historically Black college and university (HBCU), Paul Quinn College, now located in Dallas. Paul Quinn College embodied the spirit and aspirations of a people who wanted nothing more than the ability to develop into the best person one could be. This legacy continues today as Quinn Campus serves as the location of educational, health, and economic development institutions each working to advance the quality of life for East Waco residents.

Cultural Wealth is ever-present throughout our city making it impossible to capture all of it in one experience. We encourage you to visit our Facebook and Instagram each week for Cultural Wealth Wednesday as we celebrate the diversity of Waco.