ARTprenticeship Murals

ARTprenticeship Murals

Plan ahead: The ARTprenticeship murals adorn three buildings in distinct parts of the city. Try splitting up your visits by viewing one mural per trip and dining at local eateries!

  1. Your tour will begin at “The Spirit of We Mural,” located on Brotherwell off of Bridge Street and Elm Avenue, created in 2019 as a part of Creative Waco’s ARTprenticeship program. Through ARTprenticeship, high school students collaborate with professional artists for 8-weeks of experiential learning. Throughout the program, students bring a project from conception through completion with the aid of professional mentors.

    Look closely and you will see images and symbols. What symbols jump out at you the most?
  2. Next, grab a mini cake or pastry from Lula Jane’s on Elm Avenue (pro tip: visit them on social media for daily offerings and specials) before heading to your next stop. Discuss “The Spirit of We” mural. The artwork was designed as a reflection of community stories. What stories do you think this mural tells?

    Paper Crane Tutorial
  3. Next, visit “The Color of Health,” created in 2019. This mural, located on the side of the Family Health Center, tells the story of women in healthcare—the contributions of midwives, nurses and healers dedicated to the wellbeing of their neighbors. Alongside fruit and the profile of a man’s face, the complete work represents a healthy and thriving community and the hope for the surrounding neighborhoods.

    Now that you have toured the newest murals, learn more about the artists and ARTprentices from the 2019 program

  4. The final mural on the tour is “1000 Hopes for Waco,” the inaugural ARTprenticeship mural created in 2018. The mural conveys a message of optimism through symbolism and vibrant colors. The cranes represent hope, while the origami birds represent positive change. Read more about the mural and the artists who brought it to life here--don't forget to bookmark this page for later--use the tutorial to make your own origami crane at home!
  5. On the way home, grab a healthy snack (check out Luna Juice Bar, or pick your favorite from our Go Gold! Dining list). Think through the three murals and the stories they represent. Using supplies at home, create your own artwork that represents stories from your neighborhood. Hang them in windows of your house to share your story with your community!

Hungry for more Waco art? Don't let your journey stop here! View this interactive map to create your own art tour throughout the community, or choose another experience from our Virtual Guide page