Cameron Park Hike

Cameron Park Hike

Plan ahead: A detailed guide and map of Cameron Park’s trail system may be found online including hours of operation and basic rules. Make sure you plan your start and end points before leaving the house. Please remember to always be prepared with water, snacks, a small first aid kit, proper attire, and outdoor shoes when hiking. For full packing list, see this downloadable PDF checklist. When enjoying an afternoon hike, we recommend checking out The Bear Mountain to purchase any outdoor gear online a few days before you plan your outing.

  1. On your way out to Cameron Park, stop by Helados de Azteca for a some energy before the big hike!
  2. Your base location will be the Mouth of the Bosque, (view here on Google Maps) which provides stunning views of the confluence of the Brazos and Bosque rivers, ample parking, a covered picnic area, and multiple trailheads.
  3. For a casual, family-friendly adventure, walk down to the river’s edge on the River Trail, which follows along the water in either direction for miles. Here you can walk until the little ones' feet are worn out and then turn around back to your base. We recommend 10-15 minutes in either direction and then back.

    For a light hike with older children or for those without significant hiking experience we recommend a .7-mile loop that starts at the River Trail.

    From there, head West on the River Trail until you arrive at Drain Pipe Trail, where you will take a left onto your first smaller trail.

    Follow for .1-mile and turn left again onto the Twin Bridges Trail. Stay on Twin Bridges Trail until you reach the Johnnie Trail, which you will take East back to the road you drove in on--Brazos Bosque Rd.

    As you encounter the road, you will see that you are less than 100 yards from where your vehicle is parked and you’ve completed the loop!

    All the trails are well marked and signs point carefully in the correct direction. A great on the trail tool is the free app AllTrails, with a list of trails across Cameron Park and Waco.
  4. After an afternoon hiking, we recommend hopping in the car to pick up your favorites from Boardwalk on Elm Food Truck, just across the river, and taking it back for a picnic dinner.
  5. While spending an afternoon outdoors, there are a myriad of opportunities to engage children in learning about the flora and fauna of Cameron Park. Ask children to identify at least one type of tree leaf, one type of animal, and one insect to research online when you get home. Have your children draw a picture of their favorite plant or animal from the park to share on social media with friends and teachers.
  6. For an alternative option, consider renting a mountain bike from the Bear Mountain and stretching your time at Cameron Park to include longer trails