Wacotown Art Adventure

Wacotown Art Adventure


  • Remember to practice social distancing! The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus. Be sure to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from anyone outside of your household.
  • Clean your hands often. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth with unwashed hands.
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Plan ahead: This tour has been crafted around the Saturday Waco Downtown Farmers Market. Plan your grocery list in advance and pre-order from select vendors here. If  you visit on a weekday, substitute your favorite downtown takeaway eatery for step 5. Here are some ideas: baylor.edu/waco/dinelocal.

  1. Grab a late breakfast at Oh My Juice! Order a smoothie, juice, or an acai bowl to-go. Gear up for a downtown stroll to get your exercise in for the day! 
  2. Begin by visiting the murals at the corner of 4th and Franklin, outside of Fabled Bookshop. Here you will find two public art displays in one:

    Wacotown - Created in 2013 by Mark Cunningham with Eagle Eye Design and featuring contributions from artists across Waco's design community, this mural debuted new numbers across a twelve month span, creating a countdown to gameday and the opening of McLane Stadium (photos of each month's art can be found online here!). This effort, part of a community-wide civic initiative, Wacotown, encouraged a resurgence of downtown development through art projects and events. 

    Fabled - The corner of the building, closest to the entrance of Fabled Bookshop, features one of Waco's newest public artworks. In keeping with the spirit of the store, the open book pays tribute to the store's mission.  (While Fabled may be closed, if you are looking for quarantine entertainment, check out their Booklover (formerly Indoorsy) boxes for children and adults, or browse their full catalog online). 
  3. On the way to your next stop, consider what you love most about Waco and how you can be a neighbor to someone this week. Share your thoughts! You could buy lunch at a local business (check out our list of Go Gold! vendors offering takeaway), FOR a local business (Waco Delivers lets you buy meals for essential businesses), or you could help provide groceries to those nearest you. You could even write letters to patients at your local hospital and send them digitally!
  4. Head to Dichotomy to view another iconic work of art from the Wacotown movement. From street level, glance upwards to the rooftop to glimpse "Stripes," bright blue and white lines spelling Waco. The artwork adorns the side of the building owned by Giles and Giles. When commissioned by Dichotomy, the only design criteria provided was, "do what you want!" From up close on Dichotomy's deck, or in the street, the vibrant hues are eye-catching! 
  5. While you are at Dichotomy, take a closer look at the patio to view "The Violinist" by noted Parisian artist Blek le Rat. Created in 2018 as part of a six-part series, each piece showcases the street stenciling technique. Largely considered a pioneer in this style, Blek le Rat's works have inspired artists the likes of Banksy. Pro tip: plan a Blek le Rat scavenger hunt and discover all six works throughout Waco's Cultural District!)
  6. For your last stop, drive up to Patrick's Dry Cleaners for a look at the whimsical “You Look Nice Today, Wacotown” mural. In 2014 as part of the Wacotown movement, famous UK artist Binty Bint brought the wall at the corner of 7th and Washington to life with her iconic chicken motif. Read more about her visit to Waco
  7. End your morning at the Farmers Market by grabbing groceries from local vendors--remember, they have altered hours! Be sure to review and follow their market guidelines and etiquette. On the way home, talk about your morning. Which piece of art was your favorite? If you were creating a mural, what would you paint and why? At home, create your own masterpiece with whatever art supplies you have around the house.