Sculpture Zoo

Sculpture Zoo

Plan ahead: A full overview of the Sculpture Zoo and what animals can be found where is available at The Sculpture Zoo begins just past the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on University Parks Drive and runs to the Pecan Bottoms entrance of Cameron Park Zoo. Streetside parking is available along the riverwalk, parking is also available in the Pecan Bottoms parking lot in Cameron Park. 

Waco Sculpture Zoo Screen grab
  1. Order coffee and breakfast to go. We recommend Common Grounds! Hop in their drive through and grab a Cowboy Coffee or Iced Chai Tea Latte if the weather is nice! Orders may be placed online for pickup

    Pro tip – want a sweet treat? Order ice cream and fresh cookies from Heritage Creamery located next door to compliment your coffee.

  2. Head to the Waco Riverwalk to get some exercise and tour the Sculpture Zoo. The Sculpture Zoo spans a mile along the Brazos River.

    The 28 animal sculptures have been crafted by local and international artisans and vary in style, form and material. Each sculpture represents an animal found in the native habitat, or in Cameron Park Zoo!

    Get to know the animals online in advance before you go. The Creative Waco website features a comprehensive guide to the animals represented, notes from the artist and more!

  3. Stroll past the animals – be sure to leave a 6 foot distance between you and others on all sides!

  4. Grab lunch on the way home. We recommend takeout from Milo All Day (don't forget to stock up on pantry staples!). While you are grabbing your food to-go, swing by the Waco Cha/Cha Community truck – located in the Milo parking lot -- for bubble tea, or pick from your favorite Go Gold! partners – visit for more.

  5. On the way home, discuss your favorite sculptures. Would your favorites be found in the native habitat or in the Zoo? Don't forget to learn more about your favorites online!

    If you could add a sculpture to the Sculpture Zoo, which animal would it be, and why? Now it's your turn to be the artist! Create your own animal sculpture at home using building blocks, pom poms or other supplies found at home, or assemble one outside using items found in nature.

    To take learning to the next level, tune into Cameron Park Zoo on Facebook. Daily, animal care staff will share photos, videos and more!