Brittany Rothrock

Brittany Rothrock is a senior mechanical engineering major from Redding, California, who also serves as the Baylor VETS Program Student Vice President. Brittany is a Navy veteran who served for six years from 2007-2013 as a nuclear electrician in the engine rooms, and she would like to ensure everyone that, “No, the nukes do not glow.” When asked what led her to serve in the Navy, Brittany said that she was drawn to the ability to go into the nuclear field in her position, the education benefits her service would provide, and the ability to travel and see the world.

While searching for a university to attend after her service, Baylor stood out largely because of its support of veteran students. Brittany’s service friends made Texas an appealing destination, and she applied to Baylor. She found that no other university provided more aid for incoming out-of-state veteran students, and no university provided a better environment for veteran students. Upon her application to Baylor, Kevin Davis, the director of the VETS program at Baylor, immediately reached out in support by offering a personal campus tour and to answer any questions she might have had. This was her first introduction to the VETS community, a source of great support during her years at Baylor. This support came in the form of connections to both other veteran students as well as outside organizations to help her get involved in the campus community, and both have been vital to her success at Baylor. So far, Brittany’s favorite part of the VETS program at Baylor has been the connections that have been made between diverse groups of people and the way the program has trained her and her fellow veterans on how to excel in school.

When asked what she would like to share with new or prospective students about the program, Brittany pointed out that there is an adjustment period while adjusting to being around younger students at any University, but that Baylor and the VETS Program does an incredible job of easing this adjustment period for students and welcoming all newcomers. Brittany also implores new students attending Baylor to reach out to the program, as they have numerous opportunities to get involved at your own comfort level and would love to share the resources they have to help you be as successful as possible!