Couples Resources

Services offered below are for VETS/Non-Traditional Students that are offered for students and their partners! 

Couples Therapy - Baylor University offers FREE couples therapy for couples that have at least one of the partners as a Baylor Student. The counseling center has therapists that have more experience with couples therapy that would be offered for you and your partner and that will work around your schedule to provide the services you need! To book an appointment, schedule an initial assessment here.

Discounts - Baylor has a List of Discounts in Waco Offered to Students but listed below are some that are more directed for a date night or for veterans and their families! 

  A list of Date Nights in Waco that offer a Student Discount for Couples:

  Practically Pikasso - offers a 50% discount for students on Friday Nights!

  List of Discounts for Veterans: 

  Hueco Pedicab - A fun bike tour around Waco while couples can enjoy the scenery and history of Waco while on a cab! Contact the owner, Danny, and he will give you a 10% military discount!