Travis Picco

Travis Picco is a 20-year-old University Scholars major from Wiggins, Mississippi with concentrations in both political science and philosophy. He graduated Stone High School with high honors in May of 2019, and he is currently a junior at Baylor University. After obtaining an undergraduate degree at Baylor, Travis plans to attend law school in pursuit of a career in the legal field in some capacity. Travis is connected to the veterans’ program at Baylor University as a dependent of his father, Harry Picco Jr., who was in the Navy.

During his time at Baylor, Travis has been active in several organizations across campus. In his role with Voices of the Veterans, he hopes to greatly increase the footprint of Baylor veterans on and around campus. The veterans program at Baylor is full of incredibly talented students, and the Voices of the Veterans page intends to share their stories, their passions, and everything that makes the veteran’s program as important as it is today.