VETS Online Community

Finding your community as a student, whether it is graduate or undergraduate, can be challenging as a 'post-traditional' student. We know that you may have unique demands on your time (i.e. families, jobs, commuting from out of town, etc...) that keep you from attending traditional in-person events and casual connection time between classes.

Therefore, we want to offer an opportunity to connect on-the-go through our VETS Online Community! This community utilizes the Microsoft Teams platform and your account is already setup and paid for!

VETS Online Community

Logging in is easy! Just click the link above using either your mobile device and/or your computer, follow the prompt to download the platform or mobile app, and login using your Bear ID and Password. Once in, click the "Request to join" button on the VETS Online Community. You should be accepted into the community within 24 hours! If you have any issues joining, just email the VETS Program Manager at

After logging in, be sure to review the "hidden channels" and unhide and set notifications for the ones you want to receive notifications of when updates come out!


Reasons to join:

  1. Community dialogue around all topics below and more
  2. Real-time VA Benefit updates
  3. Career/Internship opportunity announcements for veterans
  4. Veteran resource announcements
  5. Volunteer opportunities
  6. Opportunities to connect with fellow military-connected students around similar background and/or interests (i.e. student parent, spouse, dependent, hobbies, graduate student, writing group, seminary students, etc...)
  7. And much much more!

Veteran Educational and Transition Services

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One Bear Place #97021
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(254) 710-7264