Set your career goal!

Before investing your hard work, time, and valuable VA Benefits in a major, make sure you have explored your career options and identified a best fit for you! Here are some tools to help you explore your options.

  • Schedule a Career Discovery Appointment: Meet with a Career Counselor face to face to help you assess your strengths, passions and skills and how they might apply to different career options. Go HERE to schedule an appointment.
    • Mike Lashombe is your Baylor University Career Center VETS Ambassador and has extensive experience specifically working with veterans and supporting their professional goals. To setup a meeting with Mike directly, you can email him at
  • Take Focus 2 Assessment: Go HERE to take the Focus 2 Assessments, which will help you identify potential career/major paths that are a good fit for your personality, passions, and skills!
  • Identify Jobs That Match Your Military Experience:  If you are wanting to know what your military experience translates well to in the civilian sector, check out Google’s tool where you can enter your MOS and common careers for that MOS are then populated for you. Go HERE to check it out!