Career Planning

Setting Career Goals

Before investing your hard work, time, and valuable VA Benefits in a major, make sure you have explored your career options and identified a best fit for you! Here are some tools to help you explore your options.



Make sure you are taking advantage of the many networking opportunities during your time at Baylor! Having close mentors and relationships with individuals in your dream career will be invaluable as you leave Baylor and work to get that first foot in the door!


Add To Your Toolkit

While you are already well on your way to a powerful resume with your military experience, it is important to use your time at Baylor to showcase how your talents translate and adapt to civilian jobs! Here are a few opportunities to do this!


Prepare For The Hiring Process

One of the highest reported frustrations for veterans seeking civilian employment is having a wealth of the desired skills and experiences their potential employer is looking for, but… having difficulty translating that during the hiring process. Here are a few resources to help you speak the right language when communicating all that you bring to your potential employer!

Veteran Educational and Transition Services

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