Book Return Instructions

Check-In Instructions

  1. Within 3 days of the last day of finals, take all checked out books to the Library Drop Box located in the VETS Lounge.
  2. Fill out the book return sheet
  3. Place book return sheet in the sheets drop box
  4. Place books in the return drop box
  5. If you would like to hold onto a book for another semester
    • please fill out the lending extension request sheet and place it in the sheets drop box
    • take a picture of the book you are requesting extension for and send the image to


Lost book procedures

If you check out a book and fail to return it for any reason, you will be ineligible to check out any books in the future until either:

  • You return your book to the Lending Library
  • You donate a book (or books) that equal the value of the book you barrowed to the Baylor Shields Lending Library