Weighing Options - Dependents Education Assistance (DEA)

NOTICE! This page is an example ONLY based on criteria listed below and on VA policies and figures for the 2019-20 school year. These policies are subject to change. Exact figures on this page have also been rounded and are not exact for simplicity. While this comparison chart will not be specific to each individual student circumstances, it is designed to help you identify how your financial aid is affected when electing to receive VA Benefits.


Meet GI Bear! He was recently accepted to Baylor. He learned he was eligible for Dependents Education Assistance Benefits (DEA) per the eligibility checklist on the VA Website. GI Bear was also notified of the following financial aid he may be eligible for (depending on his benefits he decides to use) for the 2019-20 school year:

Below is a comparison chart of his benefits if he elected to receive his VA Benefits (right column) or if he opted out (left column).


No VA Benefits Dependents Education Assistance (DEA)


Financial Aid
$0 in VA related benefits $0 in VA benefits applied to tuition and fees
$5,000 Aid in Baylor Needs Based Scholarships $5,000 Aid in Baylor Needs Based Scholarships
$6,000 Aid in Baylor Academic Scholarships $6,000 Aid in Baylor Academic Scholarships
$6,000 Aid in Pell Grant $6,000 Aid in Pell Grant
$2,000 Baylor Departmental Scholarship $2,000 Baylor Departmental Scholarship


Cost Remaining After Aid
$34,564 remaining in tuition and fee costs after all above awards applied to cost $34,564 in tuition and fees owed at the end of the year!
$0 in remaining aid afer aid applied to tuition and fees $0 in remaining aid after aid applied to tuition and fees


Stipend Benefits
$0 per month in VA Stipends $1,224 per month in VA Housing Allowance (subject to changes by the Department of Veterans Affairs)
$0 annually in textbook stipend $0 annually in textbook stipend