VA Internship Opportunity

The Baylor VETS Program leans heavily on multiple spheres of support, to include our VA Work-Study Positions! These positions aim to intentionally proved the student worker with opportunities to strengthen their resume with transferrable soft and hard skills to their career goals. Learn more below.

VA Work-Study Benefits:

  • $7.25 hourly tax-free pay (up to 20 hours a week)
  • Resume building experience
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Payments are processed directly from the VA into the account your VA Stipend pay goes to

VA Work-Study Requirements

  • Must be using VA Education Benefits (Veteran or Dependent)
  • Cannot Exceed 20 hours a week
  • Must be enrolled in a 3/4 time course load

VA Work-Study Application Process

Submit your VA Work Study Application Form and Cover Letter to Cover Letter should include any specific areas of interest you would like serve in within the program (i.e. Career Services, Family Support, Wellness, etc...) feel free to be creative!