Veteran/Reserve Policies and Benefits


If you are a military veteran student at Baylor and receiving 10% or more service-connected disability from the VA, you are eligible for FREE on campus parking! Just bring your VA Paperwork (can be printed off showing that you have a service connected disability to the Parking Services Offices (attached to the on-campus Speight Parking Garage).


Priority Registration

Baylor University understands that military veteran students are often juggling many different non-traditional demands while attending classes (i.e. VA Medical appointments, Voc Rehab Requirements, etc…). Therefore, student veterans receive priority registration for classes each semester at Baylor. This means they are able to register for classes first in their academic classification (freshman, sophomore, etc…). Be ready to register as soon as registration opens for you to take advantage of this benefit!


Students Called to Active Military Duty

An enrolled student who withdraws as a result of being called into active military duty (reserves or National Guard) may choose to:

  1.  Receive a refund of tuition and fees paid toward the current term, or
  2.  Be given full credit of tuition and fees paid toward the current term to apply toward a future term’s charges for enrollment, or
  3.  If late enough in the term, request an “incomplete” so that the remainder of the work could be completed at a later date and receive no refund or credit of tuition and fees.

If the student has met the academic requirements for the term, a grade will be assigned and no tuition refund or credit will be granted. Board charges are refunded on a pro rata basis on the date of the student’s withdrawal. Room charges are refunded on a pro rata basis based on the date a student officially vacates on-campus housing. Students having federal/state financial aid will be withdrawn according to the published withdrawal policy. Any refund or credit for a student being called into active military duty who has such financial aid will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Textbook Lending Library

While VA Benefits are a fantastic resource, we also understand that the textbook stipend given often falls drastically short of covering all of your textbook needs. This is where our Baylor students have stepped up and created the Baylor Shields Textbook Lending Library! This free lending library is available for all military connected students to be able to checkout donated textbooks each semester at no cost.

Learn how to check out a book from the Baylor Shields Page.