Understanding VA Benefits

Baylor University participates in various VA Education Benefit Programs.

If eligible, the Yellow Ribbon Program covers 100% of your annual tuition and fees! That’s over $45,000 annually in benefits! Learn about this benefit and others you might be eligible for by following the steps below!


What am I eligible for?

  • Please follow the link to the Veterans Affairs website to check which benefit you are eligible for.
  • Note! Baylor is a Private University and therefore, students attending Baylor are ineligible to receive State Benefits like the Hazelwood Act Benefit.


What will my benefit cover?

If eligible, be sure to click "yes" on the "will you be a Yellow Ribbon recipient?" box!

  • Please go to the Department of Veterans Affairs link, select the benefit you are eligible for, and see what your VA Benefit will cover at Baylor University.


Weighing your options? (VA Benefits and financial aid)


How do I apply?

NOTE: Before you completely commit your benefits to Baylor, be sure to check the "Ineligible Programs" as there are a few small programs that are ineligible to receive VA Benefits.