On-Boarding Checklist

1. Follow your VA Checklist by going to the appropriate VA Benefit under the "How do I apply" section in "Understanding Benefits" and follow the steps to ensure your VA benefits are processed.

Delays in submitting your request for certification to the VA Benefits Office may result in delays in your VA Benefits and monthly stipend.

Understanding VA Benefits

2. Follow the checklist in your GoBaylor Account to navigate Baylor's Admissions process.

Go Baylor

3. Enroll in Veterans Healthcare System.

If you haven't already enrolled in the Veterans Healthcare System or VHA, or if you need reestablish care in the Central Texas area, click below to send an email to our VA VITAL Representative and start the process.

Enroll in VHA

4. Register for VETS Transition Class if the student is the military veteran.

This class is restricted access as it is exclusive to student veterans and student spouses of veterans. Therefore, please email Kevin_Davis1@baylor.edu to request registration into this class.

VETS Transition Class

5. Consider taking the VETS Chapel Alternative.

The VETS Chapel Alternative fulfills one of the chapel requirements you have at Baylor and engages in dialogue around the christian faith with our common military backgrounds in mind. This chapel class is restricted access as it is exclusive to student veterans and student spouses of veterans. Therefore, please email Kevin_Davis1@baylor.edu to request registration into this class.

6. RSVP for VETS Orientation.

Send an email to Kevin_Davis1@Baylor.edu to RSVP and/or to request more information.

VETS Orientation

7. Schedule a VETS Campus Tour.

This is a one-on-one tour opportunity! You are encouraged to print off your class schedule so we can walk your first semester schedule in order to help you get a feel for navigating campus. Tours are usually conducted via Golf Cart so no worries about any mobility issues! Email Kevin_Davis1@baylor.edu to schedule your tour!

VETS Campus Tour

8. Login to the VETS Online Community!

The VETS Online Community will be your portal to connect with your fellow student veterans, real-time announcements/updates, and student veteran opportunities during your time here at Baylor! Login, set your notifications, and engage!

VETS Online Community

9. Request move-in help.

Your Veterans of Baylor (VoB) Student Organization is eager to help you get settled into your new home! Email Kevin_Davis1@Baylor.edu with the date, time and location of the move and we will rally the troops!

10. Look for available books in the FREE lending library for veterans (Baylor Shields Lending Library)!

While some textbooks may not be available, our library can be a huge help making that $1000.00 textbook stipend extend to actually cover all your textbook costs!

Baylor Shields

11. Secure your FREE parking pass (if you have any service connected condition).

Just have your VA Disability paperwork with you when you go into the Parking Services Office (Search "Speight Plaza Office and Parking Facility" on the digital campus map) to register your vehicle for on campus parking at NO COST!

12. Setup your financial plan.

There are many online budgeting tools to help you identify monthly income and costs. Make sure you have a little bit of money left over as unexpected monthly costs are inevitable. If your monthly income doesn't exceed your costs, here are some ideas on how to make your finances work:

1. Fill out your FAFSA! Pell Grant awards are not affected by your VA Benefits and can help offset monthly costs.

2. Look at Departmental Scholarships. If the scholarship is not "tuition and fee specific" then this is an award that could be additional aid to help with costs of living.

3. Make sure you have filed for Service Connected Compensation with the VA for any service connected conditions. Your VETS Program Manager has over 4 years of experience adjudicating these claims and can help you with the process, just email him at Kevin_Davis1@Baylor.edu!

4. Consider a work-study position on campus! The VETS Office hires several VA Work-Study positions each year, and there are many other opportunities all across campus! Check out "Student Employment" to learn more.

5. If all your finances still don't add up, you may consider taking out a student loan through the Financial Aid Office. Your Financial Aid VETS Ambassador can help you navigate this (Cindy_Palmer@Baylor.edu)!