Vending Services

The following vendors have exclusive contracts to sell products or offer services to students, faculty, and staff on the Baylor University campus.

Product/Service Vendor
Cold Drinks Pepsico
Snacks & Coffee Automatic Chef Canteen
Laundry Washers & Dryers University Laundry Services, Inc.

Refund/Service Requests
are now to be made directly to the vendor. Issues with drink machines should be called in to Pepsico at 1-866-997-3774. Issues with snack machines should be called in to Automatic Chef at 1-800-750-4677.

Vending Comments or Suggestions

Vending Services makes every effort to conveniently place vending machines in high traffic areas. Feel free to send in comments or suggestions concerning machine locations. .

Contact Information

Buffy Nehring
Administrative Manager