Research Grants


The URSA Research Grant Program is supported by The Office of Engaged Learning. URSA grants promote and expand research participation by undergraduate students by engaging students in active faculty/student collaborative learning relationships necessary for success in all fields of research. These grants give students access to resources and facilities that may stimulate their interest in pursuing research careers.

Two main types of grants are offered. The URSA Research Grant (URSA-RG) provides funding for year-long projects for the following fiscal year. The URSA Mini-Research Grant (URSA-MRG) may support student travel, equipment, supplies, services, or student wages for ongoing research projects.  Applications are competitively reviewed and awarded as funds allow. 

  1. The URSA Research Grant (RG) (up to $5000 awarded for the next fiscal year)

  2. The URSA Mini Research Grant (MRG) for Equipment, Supplies, or Services (up to $500 for current year)

  3. The URSA Mini Research Grant (MRG) for Travel (up to $500 for current year)

  4. The URSA Mini Research Grant (MRG) for Student Employment (up to $500 for current year)


Baylor undergraduates applying for an URSA grant of any type are required to have a faculty mentor. Full-time Baylor faculty, regardless of rank, are eligible to serve as faculty mentors and principle investigators. Visiting faculty, adjunct faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and research associates may participate in mentoring students, but are not eligible to serve as principal investigators.

The OEL encourages collaborative proposals that engage students in interdisciplinary research environments.


URSA Research Grants are due the last Friday in January by 11:59 PM. Proposals for URSA Mini-Research Grants are reviewed monthly and should be sent to

The deadline has been extended to February 4 at 11:59 PM. 

Guidelines and Applications

URSA Grant Guidelines

URSA Research Grant Application 

URSA Mini-Research Grant Application

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