2018 Awards Program

URSA annually* offers awards in recognition of the valuable contributions made by faculty, students, and staff to encourage participation in undergraduate research.

Three award categories assure that the many and varied individuals and programs supporting undergraduate research are acknowledged. In order to fully appreciate the range of scholarly research conducted across the campus, two awards are given in the category, Outstanding Research Mentor.

Outstanding Research Mentor
Arts, humanities, and professional disciplines
Science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and health-related disciplines

Suitable nominations for each of the two awards include an individual faculty researcher or faculty research team that demonstrates excellence in mentoring undergraduate students in a research setting.

Outstanding Research Mentor Nomination

Excellence in Leadership

The purpose of this award is to recognize individuals, programs, or organizations that best demonstrate leadership, imagination, and persistence in developing research opportunities for undergraduate students.

Excellence in Leadership Nomination

Exceptional Service

Recognition of exceptional service by faculty, students, or staff in building support for undergraduate research activities is the goal of this award. Examples include, but are not limited to , a significant role in obtaining funding to support research endeavors, providing the means to present scholarly work via conferences or publication, encouraging diversity, building curriculum, and other areas of programmatic support. Nominations in this category usually come from the URSA Steering Committee, Awards Subcommittee, or the Office of the Vice Provost for Research. Faculty, staff or students may make nominations, however, by emailing a letter by the closing date for nominations to ursa@baylor.edu.

* The presentation of an award in a specific category is contingent upon an adequate number of high quality nominees. Thus, awards will not be conveyed in a year when the pool of nominees in inadequate.