For International Students

Many scholarships and fellowships require US citizenship or residency. Below are several resources to assist our international students who are looking for merit-based funding opportunities.

International Scholarships highlights many scholarship opportunities that are available to international students. Thanks to NAFA, the National Association of Fellowship Advisors, for compiling this list. Further information from NAFA on beginning your search for financial aid is available here.

Databases and Other Resources

Institute of International Education Funding for U.S. Study maintains an extensive database of scholarships, fellowships, and grants.

Community of Science Funding Database allows international graduate students to choose their home country and search for opportunities.

International Education Financial Aid promotes international education for both U.S. citizens and international students who want to study abroad.

International Scholarship Search is an online financial aid database for students of any origin.

For International Women

PEO International Peace Fellowship offers scholarships to international women.

American Association of University Women provides fellowships to outstanding women.

The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund offers scholarships to women from developing countries to further their university studies.