Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I become a University Scholar, do I have to be a part of the Honors Program?

A:Yes, all University Scholars are automatically enrolled in the Honors Program and must complete all Honors Program and UNSC Requirements.

Q: Can I have a secondary major or minor(s)?

A:Yes, students may indicate a secondary major or minor(s) in addition to their primary major of University Scholars. These may be the same as their chosen concentrations, but only one class (3 credit hours) may count towards multiple secondary majors/minors. Visit this page for more information (link to the UNSC page on secondary majors/minors).

Q: What university requirements do I have to take?

A:The only university-wide required classes for University Scholars majors are REL 1310 (The Christian Scriptures), REL 1350 (The Christian Heritage), and two semesters of chapel (CHA 1088). Other requirements are specific to the University Scholars and Honors programs. Click here for University Scholars major requirements. 

Q: What is a concentration?

A: A concentration is a specific area of study that a Scholar focuses most of their academic career on. This is usually defined as fifteen or more hours at the 3000-4000 level. Scholars choose 2-3 concentrations in any subject/area offered as a major or minor in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Q: Do University Scholars have to live in the Honors Residential College?

A: No, University Scholars may spend their freshman year in any on-campus residence hall for which they are eligible. 

Q: Can I meet with UNSC faculty or current students to learn more about the program?

A: Yes! Contact us at University_Scholars@Baylor.edu to schedule a chat with a program representative and/or current student. You can also visit our Instagram @BaylorUNSC to learn more about life as a University Scholar.


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