Undergraduate Research

University Scholars students delve into undergraduate research according to the discipline and nature of their interests and post-baccalaureate goals.


All UNSC students complete a thesis that allows them to develop a research topic or creative project that is of great interest to them. Students choose a topic and thesis advisor, and become an expert on that subject. They do so through reading, research, synthesis and writing that spans up to two years. Students present their research and defend their thesis project. The thesis work is bound and acts a physical example of their scholarship, writing ability and critical thinking. The work of the thesis may be used as a writing sample, part of a publication, or it may be discussed in an application or an interview to distinguish the University Scholars student from other excellent students.

In all cases, the thesis process provides students with a singular experience and evidence that they can successfully take on difficult, sustained work. The research skills and dedication revealed by the thesis project are the mark of a scholar educated in the liberal arts and sciences. 

Click here for more information about the thesis process and requirements.

Academic Conferences

University Scholars also encourages students to participate in academic conferences.  Academic conferences are a great way for students to become more familiar with the current research in their fields and to begin to get to know scholars. UNSC students have recently presented at;

  • The Conference on Medicine and Religion (Houston, TX)
  • The Classical Association of the Middle West and South (Albuquerque, NM and Toronto, Canada),
  • The Texas A&M International History of Medicine Symposium (College Station, TX),
  • The Texas Council on Family Relations Conference (Austin, TX), the Mountain West Regional Meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine (Denver, CO),
  • The Association for Death Education and Counseling (Portland, OR),
  • The Undergraduate Conference for the Association of Core Texts and Courses (Waco, TX),
  • The Unite for Sight Global Health Conference (New Haven, CT),
  • The Archeological Institute of America and Society of Classical Studies (San Diego, CA).
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