Secondary Majors and Minors Examples

Concentrations, Secondary Majors, & Minors

A student can have a concentration and a Secondary major in the same area and a concentration and minor in the same area. That is, any area of focus for a University Scholar, including any areas of focus that are also recognized as a secondary major or a minor are still concentrations.

You might think of concentrations as internal or relating to your University Scholars major and secondary majors or minors as external or as (some) official ways you engage with other areas on campus.

Overlapping a Course

Students may overlap, or double-dip, one single course course and that course may be shared between only one secondary major and one minor. This statement applies to all majors except the University Scholars major. In other words, no more than a maximum of three hours from the secondary major(s) may be applied to the minor(s).

Some examples may help flesh this out.

For example: A University Scholar has a secondary major in International Studies, another secondary major in French, a minor in German, and a minor in Classics.

How many courses can overlap between the University Scholars major and the other majors/minors?
There is no limit.

How many courses can overlap between the International Studies and French secondary majors?
None. Courses cannot overlap between any majors outside of University Scholars.

How many courses can overlap between the German and Classics minors?
None. Courses cannot overlap between minors.

This student has already overlapped one course between the International Studies secondary major and the German minor. Can they overlap a course between the French major and Classics minor?
No. One course may be shared between one major and one minor, regardless of the number of major(s)/minor(s) declared.

Another example: A University Scholar has a secondary major in Math.

Could they add a secondary major in Statistics even if both require MTH 3300?
One answer: no, this is not allowed! As above, a course may not overlap between two majors.
But, this is a misleading question: MTH 3300 is not a requirement for the secondary major in Statistics!
So, could they add the secondary major in Statistics?
Well, a host of other courses are shared between the secondary majors in Math and Statistics: MTH 1321, 1322, 2321, 2311…
So the answer to the question, “Can a student choose secondary majors in both XMTH and XSTA” is “absolutely not”—but it doesn’t have anything to do with MTH 3300.

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