Secondary Majors & Minors

University Scholars have the ability to declare secondary majors and minors alongside their University Scholars major. A full list of secondary majors and minors available can be found here. A listing of course requirements for minors and secondary majors can be found in the catalog here.

Secondary majors are similar to traditional majors in many respects, such as appearing on transcripts and requiring a set of proscribed courses, but differ primarily in the fact that students taking a secondary major are not subject to the requirements of the Common Core.

  1. UNSC students will always have University Scholars as their primary major.
  2. UNSC students seeking a secondary major or minor must still complete their UNSC requirements for graduation.
  3. Secondary majors and minors are optional. Students may continue to pursue concentrations and graduate with a major in University Scholars.
  4. If you request to add a secondary major or minor, your catalog year will change to fall 2020. This will not impact UNSC requirements.
  5. Students may overlap, or double-dip, one single course and that course may be shared between only one secondary major and one minor. This statement applies to all majors except the University Scholars major. In other words, no more than a maximum of three hours from the secondary major(s) may be applied to the minor(s).

More examples and questions can be found here.

Instructions for adding a secondary major or a minor in BearWeb can be found here.

If you would like to remove a secondary major or a minor, email with your request.

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