Eric Martin, Ph.D.

Eric Martin, Ph.D.
UNSC Assistant Director
Associate Professor of the History and Philosophy of Science
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UNSC Assistant Director
Associate Professor of the History and Philosophy of Science


  • Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
  • M.A., University of California, San Diego
  • B.A., The Colorado College


  • Philosophy and History of Science
  • Philosophy of Biology
  • Environmental Philosophy

Research Interests

My primary research interests are on the philosophy and history of science, focusing especially on life sciences. I work on evolutionary theory, mechanistic and anti-mechanistic thinking in biology, biological organization, the use of heuristics in biological research, and the intersection of science and values. I have significant research expertise in environmental philosophy, naturalism and religion, and biomedical ethics.

Selected Publications

  • "Cartwright and Polkinghorne on Pluralism and Metaphysics," Theology and Science 10.3 (2012): 281-90.
  • "Queen Physics: How Much of the World is Painted Red" (with Nancy Cartwright), in God and the Scientist, ed. Fraser Watts and Christopher Knight (Ashgate, 2012).
  • Eric C. Martin and William Bechtel. 2016. “Biological Order” in Rethinking Order, Nancy Cartwright and Keith Ward, eds. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

  • Eric C. Martin. 2016. “Late Feyerabend on materialism, mysticism and religion” 2016. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 57: 129-136. 

  • Eric C. Martin. 2019. “‘The Battle is on’: Lakatos, Feyerabend, and the student protests” European Journal for Philosophy of Science 9:28. 

  • Eric C. Martin and Eric Watkins. 2019. “Evil, Natural Science, and Animal Suffering” in Oxford Philosophical Concepts: Evil – A History. Andrew Chignell, ed. Oxford University Press. 

  • “Science and Ideology” by Eric C. Martin, The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy ISSN 2161-0002,, August 12, 2020. 

Work in Progress

I am currently at work on: 

  • "Darwin’s Orchids and the Order of Nature"
  • An encyclopedia article on “Scientism”

University Scholars

232 Morrison Hall
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Waco, TX 76798-7293

(254) 710-3744