Step 3. Scheduling the Interview

Scheduling the Exit Interview involves three main steps; 

Step 1:

Scholars must register for UNSC 3001 (Exit Interview) during the semester in which they plan to take their Exit Interview. 

Step 2:

Scholars must select an Outside Professor and a Senior Scholar to be on their Exit Interview committee. The Outside Professor can be any professor who is not a UNSC director. For example, Scholars might ask professors from whom they have taken classes or with whom they plan to work on the Senior Thesis. The Senior Scholar can be any UNSC student who has successfully completed the Exit Interview.

Step 3:

Scholars must find a time that works for the Outside Professor and Senior Scholar they have chosen and for a UNSC director. To do this, Scholars should first find a time that works for their Outside Professor and Senior Scholar. Then, Scholars should submit their schedule proposal using the Exit Interview Appointment Request Form (also linked below) online. Scholars should send this request several weeks in advance of the date requested. The UNSC office will then contact the UNSC directors to find out whether any are available at that time and will email Scholars either to confirm the time and provide a location or to request a list of alternate times.

Scholars registered for UNSC 3001 will receive an e-mail at the start of the semester with all of this information.

If you are ready to schedule, click the button below to submit your Exit Interview Appointment Request Form. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the scheduling process to be completed.

University Scholars

232 Morrison Hall
One Bear Place #97293
Waco, TX 76798-7293

(254) 710-3744