Jeff Hunt, Ph.D.

Jeff Hunt, Ph.D.
UNSC Director
Senior Lecturer in Classics
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UNSC Director
Senior Lecturer in Classics


  • Ph.D., Classics, Brown University, 2009
  • B.A., Greek and Latin, Baylor University, 2003


  • Hellenistic Poetry
  • Research Interests

Research Interests

Dr. Hunt has interests in Hellenistic poetry, the Greek novel, and Roman Elegy. He has written on Theocritus’ Idylls and is currently working on a study of Hellenistic approaches to genre.

Selected Publications

  • Classics from Papyrus to the Internet co-authored with Alden Smith and Fabio Stok, University of Texas Press, 2017
  • “Tradition and Succession in Theocritus’ Bucolic Poetry” Hellenstica Groningana 21 (2017): 83-100
  • “Elegy in a Landscape: An Analysis of Propertius 1.18” Latomus 72 (2013): 135-151
  • “The Politics of Death in Theocritus’ First Idyll,” AJP 132 (2011): 379-96.
  • “Bucolic Experimentation in Theocritus’ Idyll 10,” GRBS 49 (2009): 391-412.

Recent Papers

  • “Hecate’s Cure for Lovesickness” CAMWS, Lincoln, NE, 2019
  • “Homer’s Hellenistic Audience” CAMWS, Albuquerque, NM, 2018
  • “Theocritean Anti-Bucolic” CAMWS, Waterloo, Canada, 2017
  • “Poetic Resonance in Herodas’ Mimiamb 3” CAMWS, Williamsburg, VA, 2016
  • “The Poetics of Mime(sis) in Herodas” CAMWS, Waco, TX, 2014
  • Tradition and Succession in Theocritus’ Bucolic Poetry Groningen Workshop on Hellenistic Poetry, Groningen, Netherlands, 2013
  • “Becoming Bucolic in Idylls 1 and 7” CAMWS, Iowa City, IA, 2013

University Scholars

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