How to Apply

Why Apply to UNSC?

The University Scholars B.A. degree allows high-ability students to chart their personalized educational journey in close consultation with faculty advisers and mentors. The UNSC major fosters a love of inter/transdisciplinary discourse in the Liberal Arts and Sciences that affirms the student’s unlimited potential in the rich academic and co-curricular offerings of Baylor University.

How to Apply

Application Process

To apply for the University Scholars major, applicants must begin the Baylor application process through goBAYLOR.  During the process, applicants can submit a joint application to the Honors College and indicate in which of the Honors College opportunities they are interested.  These opportunities include two academic majors (University Scholars and Great Texts) and two programs (Honors Program and Baylor Interdisciplinary Core).  All University Scholars applicants are automatically applicants of the Honors Program.  University Scholars applicants can also apply to the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core.

Applying to the University Scholars major involves answering essay questions on the Honors College application and identifying academic areas of interest.

Application Timeline

The University Scholars office does not receive or review any applications until applicants have already been accepted to Baylor. 

Applicants who apply to the University Scholars major through the goBAYLOR and who submit the required supplemental material (answers to three essay questions and identification of academic areas of interest) will receive notification on a rolling basis.  Students usually receive a decision within one month from the time the University Scholars office receives their application and prior to the May 1st college notification deadline. 

Applicants who have been accepted to Baylor but who did not initially submit the joint application to the Honors College can apply to University Scholars at any time by submitting the supplemental materials described above to 

Applicants who have already submitted the joint application to the Honors College but who did not initially indicate interest in University Scholars can apply to University Scholars by contacting

For instructions on how to apply to University Scholars if you are already enrolled at Baylor, please see UNSC Application for Current Baylor Students.

Admission Criteria

The following are criteria for admission into the University Scholars program:

  • Responses to the four essay questions on the Honors College application
  • Class rank and GPA
  • SAT/ACT/CLT scores are optional (and not required) and may be considered, if available
National Merit Finalists

Upon review by the UNSC directors, National Merit Finalists receive automatic acceptance. However, National Merit Finalists should still submit answers to the four essay questions and identify their academic areas of interest in order to provide an applicant profile.

UNSC Application for Current Baylor Students

Students currently enrolled at Baylor who are in their freshman or, in rare circumstances, sophomore year can apply to change their major to University Scholars provided they have at least 90 hours remaining to complete their undergraduate degree at Baylor.  All University Scholars are required to complete at least 90 hours as a student within the program.  In order to apply, students must submit answers to four essay questions, a short list of their academic areas of interest, and one letter of recommendation from a current professor to

For more information, please view the UNSC Application Instructions for Current Students.

University Scholars

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