University Scholars

Building Bridges to Your Future

The University Scholars B.A. degree allows high-ability students to chart their personalized educational journey in close consultation with faculty advisers and mentors. The UNSC major fosters a love of inter/transdisciplinary discourse in the Liberal Arts and Sciences that affirms the student’s unlimited potential in the rich academic and co-curricular offerings of Baylor University.

Engaging Community Balance the academic demands of college with a desire for caring community and lasting friendships.
Individualized Curriculum Craft a unique degree plan, developing academic interests and skills across a wide range of disciplines.
Undergraduate Research Delve into undergraduate research according to discipline-specific interests and post-baccalaureate goals.
Post-Baccalaureate Goals Develop intellectual skills and habits essential to critical inquiry, high-level analysis, and careers across the spectrum.

University Scholars

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