University Scholars

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The University Scholars major allows high-ability students to chart their personalized educational journey in close consultation with faculty advisers and mentors. The UNSC major fosters a love of interdisciplinary discourse in the Liberal Arts and Sciences that affirms the student’s unlimited potential in the rich academic and co-curricular offerings of Baylor University.

Engaging Community Balance the academic demands of college with a desire for caring community and lasting friendships.
Individualized Curriculum Craft a unique degree plan, developing academic interests and skills across a wide range of disciplines.
Undergraduate Research Delve into undergraduate research according to discipline-specific interests and post-baccalaureate goals.
Post-Baccalaureate Goals Develop intellectual skills and habits essential to critical inquiry, high-level analysis, and careers across the spectrum.

Faculty & Staff

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Charmaine Dull, M.A.
UNSC Program Coordinator

Jeff Hunt, Ph.D.
UNSC Director
Senior Lecturer in Classics

Scott Moore, Ph.D.
UNSC Assistant Director
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Great Texts

Natalie Widdows
"The flexibility of the University Scholars program allows me to work with advisors and professors to craft a schedule that is tailored towards my interests in Theology, Great Texts, and Spanish."

Gage Hallbauer
"I love this program because it has empowered me to dive deep into what I love and inspired me to pursue excellence in all that I do."

Krupa George
"I am so grateful for the opportunity University Scholars has given me to pursue my interests outside the sciences and am excited to carry them with me through medical school and my career as a physician."

University Scholars

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