Selection Committee for Outstanding Professors

Reporting Line

The Selection Committee for Outstanding Professors reports to the President and Provost.

Composition of Membership

The committee is composed of twelve faculty members selected by Committee on Committees. Each academic unit must be represented. No department will have two faculty members selected for the committee.

Committee Charge Responsibilities

The committee's duties include the following:

  1. Reviews recommendations for outstanding professor awards that have been submitted by the various departments.
  2. Recommends persons for outstanding faculty awards following the approved nomination process.

Committee Members, 2020-2021

Cerny, Tomas Computer Science
Cooper, Marjorie Marketing
Cordon, Matt Law School
Corey, David Honors College
Hejduk, Julia, Chair Classics
Henry, Michele Music Education
Morgan, Grant Educational Psychology
Oliver, Amie Texas Collection
Tucker, Cheryl Nursing
Ward, B.F.L. Physics
Wilhite, David, Vice Chair Truett Seminary
Yancey, Gaynor Social Work
Yoon, Yang-soo Communication Sci &  Disorders