University Committee on Intellectual Property

Reporting Line

The University Committee on Intellectual Property (UCIP) reports to the Vice Provost for Research.

Composition of Membership

The UCIP consists of 19 members, including the following:

  • Vice Provost for Research (ex officio)
  • General Counsel (ex officio)
  • Director of Sponsored Programs and Contracts (ex officio).
  • Associate Vice Provost for Research
  • Members of the UCIP are appointed by the University Committee on Committees. Each of the following colleges and schools is represented:
    • College of Arts and Sciences (three from the sciences, one from humanities),
    • School of Business (one member),
    • School of Education (one member),
    • School of Computer Science and Engineering (one member),
    • School of Music (one member),
    • School of Nursing (one member),
    • Honors College (one member),
    • Robbins College (one member),
    • School of Social Work (one member),
    • University Libraries (one member),
    • School of Law (one member), and
    • Seminary (one member).

The Vice Provost for Research serves as chairperson of the UCIP, and the Director of Sponsored Programs and Contracts serves as secretary.

Committee Charge Responsibilities

The University Committee on Intellectual Property is responsible for advising the Vice Provost for Research on whether Baylor should release its ownership interest in intellectual property for those intellectual properties referred to the UCIP. The UCIP is also responsible for periodically reviewing the procedures for implementing the Intellectual Property Policy and proposing amendments to it. The UCIP shall convey its recommendations on the release of intellectual property and/or revisions of the Intellectual Property Policy to the Vice Provost for Research. Additional guidelines pertaining to the UCIP are available in BU-PP 721: Intellectual Property Policy of Baylor University.

Committee Members, 2020-2021

Buchs, Todd Assistant Vice Provost for Research
Chambliss, Kevin, Chair Vice Provost for Research
Darden, Robert Journalism, Public Relations, and New Media
Dworkin, Steve Geology
Elkins, Gary Psychology and Neuroscience
Harvey, Barry Honors College
McClain, Steve Mechanical Engineering
McKethan, Lisa Director, Sponsored Programs and Contracts
Nichols, Connie Law School
Peterson, Billie Libraries
Plank, Linda Nursing
Riehl, Kit General Counsel
Rogers, Robin Social Work
Seaman, John W. Statistical Science
Umstead, Randy School of Music
Wilson, John E. Education
Wright, Michael W. Management
Wynveen, Christopher HHPR
York, Terry Truett Seminary