University Committee on Committees

Reporting Line

The University Committee on Committees reports to the Provost and to the Faculty Senate.

Composition of Membership

The Faculty Senate appoints members of the committee as well as the chair of the committee. Members include three faculty representatives from the College of Arts and Sciences and one representative from each of the other academic units on campus. The Chair of the Faculty Senate, the Chair of Staff Council, and the President of Baylor Student Government serve as ex officio members of the Committee on Committees.

Committee Charge Responsibilities

The University Committee on Committees nominates eligible faculty and staff to fill vacancies on university-wide committees. The committee reviews committee descriptions and advises the Faculty Senate about the necessity to add new committee, revise existing committees, or eliminate committees. For committees that involve staff members and/or students, the committee will advise Staff Council and/or Baylor Student Government about any relevant new committees, revisions to existing committees, or elimination of committees.

Committee on Committees should make every effort to publish the full roster of committees by the first Friday of the fall semester.

Committee Members, 2019-2020

Chan-Park, Christina Libraries
Cordon, Matt Law School
Dixon, Andrea Marketing
Hutchison, Kathy Mathematics
Jordan, Bill Mechanical Engineering
Kennedy, Theresa MLC
Ketcham, Nan Nursing
Lai, Eric Music - Academic Studies
Myers, Dennis Social Work
Nichols, David Political Science
Raines, Brian Chair, Faculty Senate
Rogers, Rachelle Curriculum and Instruction
Simpson, Sloane Student Body President
Tatum, Lynn Honors College
Wilhite, David Truett Seminary
Wooddy, Margaret, Chair HHPR