Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Reporting Line

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee reports to the Provost.

Composition of Membership

  • Committee on Committees selects nine members from the College of Arts & Sciences, with members representing diverse academic interests among departments.
  • Deans select one member from each of the other colleges and schools: Computer Science and Engineering; Business; Libraries; Nursing; Robbins College; Education; Honors College; Music; and Social Work.
  • Committee on Committees selects the committee's chair.

Committee Charge Responsibilities

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee advises the Executive Vice-President and Provost concerning undergraduate curriculum issues.

Committee Members, 2021-2022

Alexander, Michael Music
Barrett, Joan Modern Languages & Cultures
Cade, Trey Air Science
Clanton, April Registrar's Office
Cooper, Marjorie Business
Cunningham, John,   Chair Arts and Sciences (Communication)
DePalma, Michael-John English
Fillmore, Paul Robbins College
Foley, Michael Honors College
Green, Virginia Art & Art History
Gripp, Sharon Journalism
Holcomb, Julie Museum Studies
Polson, Clay Social Work
Nesmith, Suzanne Education
Null, Wes Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
Osteen, Kathryn Nursing
Poor, Lauren History
Spence, Anne Engineering and Computer Science
Thompson, Mike Libraries
Zinke, Paul Chemistry and Biochemistry