Spiritual Life Advisory Committee

Reporting Line

The Spiritual Life Advisory Committee reports to the Vice President for Student Life and the Dean for University Ministries.

Composition of Membership

The committee is composed of the following members:

  • 16 faculty members, twelve rotating and four non-rotating due to denominational positions (Chair of the Religion Department, Director of the Center for Christian Education, Liaison with Woman's Missionary Union, Director of Ministry Guidance);
  • One staff representative recommended by the University Staff Council;
  • ex officio: University Chaplain and Dean of Spiritual Life, Chaplain and Coordinator Campus Ministry at the School of Nursing, The Director of Baptist Student Ministries, and the Director for the Institute for Faith and Learning.


The committee chair must be a faculty member.

Committee Charge Responsibilities

The Spiritual Life Advisory Committee exists to support, consult and provide guidance to Baylor entities charged with religious programming and oversight. The committee represents faculty to these entities and helps the University fulfill its Christian mission and nurture the life of faith throughout the Baylor community. The Committee may sponsor or co-sponsor religious events and activities that include faculty as needed or requested.

The Committee will:

  • Review and recommend policies concerning religious activities on campus.
  • Review charter requests for student religious organizations and recommend approval or disapproval to the Vice President for Student Life.
  • Advise the Chaplain and other Baylor administrators regarding sensitive matters to which they must respond.
  • Support and assist Spiritual Life and other entities on campus in programmatic and academic efforts to nurture the life of faith within the University as appropriate.
  • Assist and consult in calendar coordination and compilation of religious activities sponsored by various entities.*
  • Support Conference and Events Management staff as needed when hosting religious groups on campus.
  • Sponsor or co-sponsor religious activities as appropriate.

*These may include but are not limited to:

  • Institute for Faith and Learning
  • Center for Ministry Effectiveness and Educational Leadership
  • Center for Christian Music Studies
  • Department of Religion
  • Ministry Guidance Program
  • Truett Seminary
  • J. M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies
  • Keston Center for Religion, Politics, and Society
  • Christian Ethics in Business
  • Student Activities
  • Conference and Events Management
  • Center for Christian Ethics
  • Center for Family and Community Ministries
  • Center for Christian Education
  • Institute for Studies of Religion
  • Medical Humanities
  • Various Lecture Series

Committee Members, 2021-2022

Boozer, Kathy Nursing
Daniel, Julia English
Funderburk, LesLee K. Family and Consumer Sciences
Graber, Philip Mathematics
Gusukuma, Stephen Ensembles
Hillman, Kathy,   Chair WMU Liaison
Horton, Dennis Director of Ministry Guidance
LeCompte, Karon Nicol Curriculum and Instruction
Mbriwa, Sahr Chaplain and Coordinator of Campus Ministries (Nursing)
Perry, Sara,   Vice-Chair Management
Powell, Donna Communication Science and Disorders
Quarles, Brandon Law Library
Ramsey, Charles Director, Baptist Student Ministry
Ray, Denise Staff Council
Rich, Steven Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate
Stewart, Janice Ann Communication Science and Disorders
Still, Todd Dean, Truett Seminary
Thomas, Matt Director, Center for Christian Education
Van Treuren, Kenneth Mechanical Engineering
Weaver, Doug Interim Chair, Department of Religion