Public Exercises Committee

Reporting Line

The Public Exercises Committee reports to the Provost.

Composition of Membership

The committee consists of the following members:

(a) Six rotating faculty, the Chief Usher, and the two Chief Marshals

(b) Two students selected by the Student Body President

(c) Ex Officio Members: Assistant to the Office of the Provost for Commencement, Director of Public Safety, Director of Registration, Coordinator of Administrative Service for the Registrar's Office, Computer Center/Telephone representative, Director of Ferrell Center, ARAMARK Physical Facilities representative

The Assistant to the Office of the Provost for Commencement serves as chair of this committee.

Committee Charge Responsibilities

The Public Exercises Committee plans, reviews, and makes recommendations concerning each commencement.

The committee meets once each semester for an hour to an hour and a half. The purpose of the meeting is to review plans for the coming graduation and consider any needed or requested changes, plan for the number of students graduating, discuss parking and other logistical issues.

Faculty members most often appointed to the committee are those who have been involved as marshals or ushers at Commencement. These faculty members bring a first-hand experience to committee discussions.

Committee Members, 2019-2020

Clanton, April Commencement Coordinator
Fleming, Amy Lauren Academic Studies
Hassell, Alton Chemistry and Biochemistry
Helm, Jonathan Registrar
Howard, Henry Ferrell Center Director
Johnson, Byron Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion
Ketcham, Nan Nursing
Khoury, Dawn Associate Registrar
LeFavour, John (Jack)  Student Representative
Nowlin, Carol,  Chair Provost's Office
Rodgers, Denyse Libraries
Simanek, Brian Mathematics
Speciale, Zachary  Student Representative
Tankersley, Kevin Journalism, PR and News Media
Trimble, Andy ARAMARK Physical Facilities
Wigtil, Brad Baylor DPS
Wilcox, Walter Physics