Premedical and Predental Advisory Committee

Reporting Line

The Premedical and Predental Advisory Committee reports to the co-directors of the pre-health program within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Composition of Membership

The co-directors, in consultation with the University Committee on Committees, select members of the Premedical and Predental Advisory Committee.

Committee Charge Responsibilities

The committee's duties include the following:

  1. Hold advising / informational meetings for both incoming students as well as for those preparing for application to professional schools.
  2. Provide presenters for the Fall, Winter, and Spring premiers to promote Baylor's Pre-Health programs.
  3. Interview students applying to professional school. Each year approximately 150 students go through this committee interview. The interviews last approximately 30 minutes each. These interviews consist of three faculty members reviewing a student's resume detailing their academic performance and extracurricular activities while in college here at Baylor (and transfer work when applicable). In addition, a personal autobiographical statement which the student prepares is reviewed. Following the interview, each faculty member writes an evaluation which is compiled with the others into an institutional Health Professions Evaluation report. This report is subsequently sent to schools the student requests through the Pre-Health Office. Through the years these Evaluations have garnered a great deal of respect as far as their accuracy and benefit to the professional schools in evaluating our students.
  4. Certain members of the committee are involved in evaluating prospective freshman students as candidates for the "Baylor Square" program with Baylor College of Medicine. This program allows for provisional acceptance to Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) for four students each year. This evaluation process involves reviewing a few hundred applications being sent to qualified students with about one-half being returned and subsequently inviting 50 to 60 students for an interview on the Baylor Campus. This process also typically includes faculty interaction with these students' parents as well. Each of these interviews is approximately 30 minutes. When all interviews have taken place the committee evaluates those files to determine which ones to forward to BCM. BCM will ultimately determine which students to accept into this program. After interviewing and acceptance to BCM, the Pre-Health committee then decides which student of these four to award an $80,000 scholarship.
  5. A similar program exists with Baylor Dental School; however, there are no more than 40-50 students eligible to apply.
  6. Oversee and review the advising of pre-health students.

Committee Members, 2021-2022

Able, Erika Biology
Ariyasinghe, Wickram Physics
Beck, Albert Honors College
Beverly, Pearl  Director of Multicultural Activities Office
Binettic, Katie Anthropology
Blalock, Tricia HHPR
Chu, Aurea Chemistry and Biochemistry
De Mesa, Maria Chemistry and Biochemistry
Diaz, Michelle Office of Prehealth Studies
Fernandez-Luna, Teresa Biology
Gipson, Stephen Chemistry and Biochemistry
Hardin, Karol MLC
Harvill, Marty Biology
Hodson, Bruce Chemistry and Biochemistry
Hoy, Bill Medical Humanities
Hutchison, Kathy Mathematics
Jones, Jesse Chemistry and Biochemistry
Klausmeyer, Rizalia Prehealth Studies
Lin, Jane Office of Prehealth Studies
McGrath, Thomas Chemistry and Biochemistry
Parizi-Robinson, Mojgan Biology
Park, Kenneth Physics
Riley, Hugh Psychology and Neuroscience
Sanker, Richard Director, Prehealth Program
Savoie, Michelle Prehealth Studies
Tandy, James Biology
Taylor, Mark Biology
Whitt, Jason Honors College
Zinke, Paul Chemistry and Biochemistry