Protection of Human Subjects in Research Committee

Reporting Line

The Protection of Human Subjects in Research Committee (Institutional Review Board) reports to the Vice Provost for Research.

Composition of Membership

Members of this committee are appointed by the Vice Provost for Research. Federal law mandates at least five (5) members and must include a scientist, a nonscientist, and a person who is unaffiliated with the institution. The VPR or his or her designee also may appoint additional persons from any unit or discipline in the University to serve in an ex-officio capacity or ad hoc consultant(s) to provide expertise as needed.

Committee Charge Responsibilities

The Protection of Human Subject in Research Committee serves as Baylor’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) and provides initial and continuing review of all research involving human subjects subject to its jurisdiction. The committee monitors human subjects research for adherence to applicable regulations, including the Common Rule and FDA Regulations.

Committee Members, 2020-2021

Benson, Nicholas Educational Psychology
Blanchet, Paul Communication Science and Disorders
Blevins, Brooke Curriculum and Instruction
Burney, Jenessa Community Representative (non-affiliated)
Ellor, Jim Social Work
Holland, Deborah Office of Vice Provost for Research
Horton, Dennis Religion
Prater, Lyn Nursing
Riehl, Kit Office of General Counsel
Roberts, James Marketing
Rowatt, Wade Psychology and Neuroscience
Schlueter, David, Chair Communication
Shafer, Dan Film and Digital Media
Stern, Sharon Health Center
Talbert, Tony Curriculum and Instruction
      Educational Psychology 2017 2020 2015                
        Communication Science and Disorders 2019 2022     Yes            
        Curriculum and Instruction 2015 2021 2011                
        Community Representative (non-affiliated)   n/a                  
        Social Work 2013 2022 2004                
        Office of Vice Provost for Research   ex officio                  
        Religion 2013 2020 2005                
        Nursing 2008 2021 1988                
        Office of General Counsel   ex officio 2002                
        Marketing 2005 2020 1991                
        Psychology and Neuroscience 2004 2022 1998   Yes            
        Communication 2006 2021 1984 Yes              
        Film and Digital Media 2017 2020 2009                
        Health Center   n/a 1995                
        Curriculum and Instruction 2010 2020 2002