Libraries/ITS Advisory Committee

Reporting Line

The Libraries/ITS Advisory Committee reports to the Chief Information Officer (for ITS matters) and Dean of University Libraries (for Libraries matters).

Composition of Membership

The council consists of the following members:

  • One Faculty Senate representative
  • Three faculty members selected by the Faculty Committee on Committees (three-year staggered terms)
  • Vice-Provost for Research
  • Director, Academy for Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching and Learning Technology Committee Chair
  • One executive staff member from the Office of the Provost
  • One Dean or senior administrator from the Office of Student Life
  • One Dean or senior administrator from the Graduate School
  • One Staff Council representative
  • One undergraduate student selected from the Library/ITS Student Advisory Group
  • One graduate student selected by the Graduate Student Association (GSA)

Staffing: Senior members of University Libraries and ITS, staff the committee and provide presentations or tours when requested by the chair.

Committee Charge Responsibilities

The goal of the ITS/Libraries Advisory Council includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Ensuring purposeful communication regarding information technology and the libraries with the university community
  • Providing feedback and suggestions to help fine-tune division communications
  • Providing meaningful advice on the roll-out of new technologies and programs
  • Assisting in the assessment of information technology and libraries services and programs
  • Serving as a vehicle to help the information technology and libraries team make sound decisions and test ideas
  • Sharing pertinent information technology and libraries news and information with university colleagues

Providing cogent suggestions and recommendations for consideration in decisions made by the libraries/ITS team  

Committee Members, 2021-2022

Barr, Beth Allison  Dean/Rep, Graduate School
Bennighof, James Exec Staff/Office of Provost
Chambliss, Kevin Vice Provost of Research
Goodman, Amy Mathematics (A&S Humanities) Chair, TLTCommitte
Hand, Michael  Staff Council Representative
Hatakeyama, Kenichi Physics
Hensley, Jennifer Nursing
Houthoofd, Loius  Student Representative 
Johnston, Hope English
Kahle, David Statistical Science
Maxile, Horace,  Chair Faculty Senate Representative
White, David Classics
Whitmore, Madeline Graduate Student Representative from GSA
Wright, Lenore Director, Academy of Teaching and Learning
  Dean/Rep, Office of Student Life
  Undergraduate Student Rep from Library/ITS Student Advisory Group