Human Resources Advisory Committee

Reporting Line

The committee reports to the Vice President for Human Resources.


Composition of Membership:

Composition of Membership

Faculty—The committee includes twelve faculty members along with one Faculty Senate Representative. The committee should have a balanced female-male representation, and every academic unit should be represented.

Staff—Staff Council selects five staff members.

Ex officio members include the following:

  • Vice President for Human Resources
  • Director of Benefits and HR Service Center
  • Designee from the Office of Provost

The Vice President for Human Resources may invite additional, non-voting participants depending on the topics addressed at a particular meeting.

Committee Charge Responsibilities

The committee provides consultation and advice to the Baylor Office of Human Resources about any matters pertaining to benefits and related subjects. The Vice President for Human Resources will schedule at least three meetings each year, including one during the fall semester, one during the spring semester, and one during the summer months.

The Faculty Senate representative will present a report to the full Senate about each of these meetings. The Staff Council representatives will likewise present a report to the full Staff Council.

Committee Members, 2020-2021

Agee, Martha Accounting and Business Law
Brown, Randall Human Resources
Carriveau, Kenneth Libraries
Cloud, Robert, Chair Educational Leadership
Dutschmann, Deidra  Staff Council
Fisher, Amanda Staff Council
Haynes, Nick  Staff Council
Hunter, Emily Management
Hurtt, Kathy Faculty Senate Representative
Kruse, Rhonda  Staff Council
Madden, Elissa School of Social Work
Mathis, Jarrod   Staff Council
Neathery, Melissa School of Nursing
Rainer, Deborah Communication Science and Disorders
Rogers, Mike Law School
Schultz, Alan Frank Anthropology
Silverstein, Stephen MLC: Spanish and Portuguese
Trower, Jonathan K. Information Systems