Honor Council

Reporting Line

The Honor Council reports to the Provost through the Director of the Office of Academic Integrity.

Composition of Membership

The Honor Council is composed of 11 student members and 11 faculty members. Each student member must have a current and cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher at the time of the appointment and must maintain a current and cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher during service. The student members shall be appointed annually by the Provost (or his/her designee). The faculty members, one from each school and the University Libraries, shall be appointed for three-year terms by their respective deans (no representative is appointed by the Graduate School because its faculty hold appointments in the other schools and colleges). A chair and vice chair shall be appointed by the President (or his/her designee) from among the faculty members of the Honor Council.

In the event a quorum cannot be obtained for a pending matter, and the chair determines that a hearing must occur before a quorum can be obtained using regular Honor Council members, students serving on the Disciplinary Committee, the Student Court, or the Academic Integrity Student Advisory Board, may be used as substitutes, provided they otherwise meet the qualifications of the Honor Council members and have received similar training.

Committee Charge Responsibilities

The Honor Council's duties include the following:

1. Determine through the process of a hearing whether an accused student has violated the Honor Code.

2. Recommend one or more sanction(s) for students who have violated the Honor Code.

3. Assist in educating the University community about the Honor Code.

Jurisdiction: The Honor Council has exclusive jurisdiction over all academic matters involving dishonorable conduct that are not resolved between the student and the faculty member in whose class the incident occurred.

Committee Members, 2021-2022

Baldwin, Jane Accounting
Banka, Rahul   Student Representative
Bassor, Sinchana Student Representative
Boatright, Lauren Student Representative
Brewer, Brian Truett Seminary
Caleb, Kim Student Representative
Chatta, Waleed Student Representative
Chen, Grace Student Representative
Divita, Lorynn Human Science and Design
Goad, Adam Student Representative
Isada, Sher Student Representative
Jack, David,  Vice Chair Mechanical Engineering
Jaffer, Amreen Student Representative
Jones, Renee Nursing
Kennedy, Gabrielle Student Representative
Latendresse, Shawn  Psychology and Neuroscience
Martin, Eric  Honors College/Honors Program
McGough, Breck Student Representative
McKinney, Timothy,  Chair School of Music
Mills, Sam Student Representative
Robins, Jenny Educational Psychology
Rollow, Alexa Student Representative
Scott, Becky School of Social Work
Spicer, Abby Student Representative
Velasquez, Alessandra Flores Student Representative
Yanos, Alison Libraries